Sunday, November 2, 2008

What is going on here??

Kim and Becki traveled to Israel and Egypt in May of 2007. This had been a dream of Becki's since, well, practically forever.

In front of the Treasury at Petra which is in Jordan.

A camel ride to Mt Sinai

Mud baths in the Dead Sea

Taken from the BYU Jerusalem Center.

For anyone who knows Becki, there is only one speed and it is cruisin'. Right after they got home from their trip Becki wasn't feeling 100%. She was extremely fatigued and having heart palpitations. After many months, many tests, and many doctor visits they decided she had a blood parasite from Egypt. They put her on medication to kill the parasite and she had to go in for weekly iron shots. The heart palpitations went away, but she was still REALLY tired. Her iron levels were just not improving even with the shots, so one of her doctors sent her to an oncologist for further testing. And this is where the journey begins.

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