Monday, June 8, 2009

Scalp art

Becki got the okay to be around her grandkids last week, so she and Emily stopped by Brett and Jess' house on the way home from her doctor's appointment and surprised the kids with a visit!  It was a beautiful day, so we pulled out a blanket and sat in the shade in the front yard.  Someone came up with the crazy idea of decorating Grandma Becki's head, so after verifying several times that Becki was sure this was okay with her, we gave Nate and Ty some washable markers and let them go at it!  What a cool grandma!  How many kids do you know get to color all over their grandma's head?  

Ty has a turn

Nate is taking his job seriously

The final product!  Seems to have some Aztec undertones.

Ty gave Grandma Becki lots of hugs
She really missed those!