Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This place again??

Last Wednesday Becki kept waking up in the night curled over in pain. She tried to ignore it but around 5 o'clock in the morning it was far too bad to ignore. When she woke up enough to pay close attention she knew it was the same pain she had had about 10 years ago with a pulmonary embolism. Feeling extremely confident about what she was dealing with, Kim gave her a priesthood blessing , a couple of things to thin her blood, and then they rushed up to the emergency room. After some x-rays and a CT scan, it was confirmed that she was right on about her diagnosis. She had multiple little embolisms in her lungs and doctors told her that if it weren't for the precautions she had taken right before they came in, the situation could have been far worse. They admitted her to the hospital and put her on the cariology floor to keep a close eye on her heart as well. The idea was to get her blood pressure up, thin her blood, and give her body time to absorb the embolisms.
The hospital is the last place on earth she ever wants to be, but at least this time she was able to be a little more coherent and not in as much pain as past stays. One of the things she hated most was that when they saw her black eye, they put her on bed alarm meaning that she wasn't allowed to get out of bed without someone there to help her. Talk about feeling chained to a bed you don't even want to be in. Well, 5 days later she finally got to go home and is feeling a little better. She has been taken off the chemo drug since it is clearly causing too sever of side effects for her and Dr. Zangari is now trying to figure out what will be the best option for her. They say they have never seen anyone with so many side effects to everything.
Way to break records Mom!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Its been a while...

Becki has slowly been regaining her strength but constantly dealing with all these horrid side effects. She still fights with dizziness, her intestinal track being all messed up, low blood pressure, etc. She curses the chemo drugs daily knowing that although they are killing the cancer, in a way they are slowly killing her. They are just so harsh on the body.
On a happier note, Becki has really made a huge effort to make the best of her situation. Kim surprised her with a week getaway to Hawaii in December. They had an absolute blast. She didn't have a ton of energy, but still had a wonderful time. When she left the nasty Utah inversion she had a deep cough she couldn't get rid of from a cold she had from the week before. Within a couple of hours of being in beautiful, humid Hawaii, the cough was gone and she felt much better. Here are a few pictures from the week:

They celebrated Kim's birthday at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Christmas was the week after they got home so they jumped right into the festivities of the season and stayed real busy. It was SO nice to have Becki around for Christmas this year. As most probably remember, Christmas was a scary one last year where Becki was in the ICU. We were so grateful to have her around and continue to make some memories.
We began our Christmas Day at Brett's house to be a part of the grandkid's gift experience.
Nathan and Tyler were just as excited to have Grandma around on Christmas.

Notice her sweet black eye? She fell and hit her head- not funny but she got a gnarly shiner out of it.

Becki is alway freezing now that she has no insulation on her bones... She got a nice and warm down Marmot coat for Christmas
Becki with her mother, Ruth

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.