Monday, November 10, 2008

Purple hair and baby kisses

On Saturday November 1st, it was a beautiful, warm day.  All the family ventured down to Draper so that Nathan and Tyler (Becki's grandkids) would be able to see Grandma Becki one more time before it just wouldn't be possible for a while. We all bathed, put on clean clothes, and headed down to Becki's house. As soon as we got there while Nate and Ty were still clean, we took antibacterial wipes to the boys and wiped down Grandma Becki's favorite places to kiss, then let her hold and kiss them. Not being able to see her grandkids is and will be so hard for her. We were all so thrilled that the weather was in our favor so we could keep the germs outside and enjoy each other for a while.

Becki kissing Ty in her favorite spot!

Big hugs for Grandma Becki

While we were there, Brooke gave Becki a haircut so that when she started losing her hair it wouldn't be as traumatic. Nathan took the first cut and then Brooke took over from there. This was something that we thought would be hard for Becki and all of us because it would make it feel that much more real, but she looks absolutely beautiful! Her sister Lori keeps her hair short and we all couldn't believe how much they look alike now.
Becki wanted this to be as much fun as possible, so after the haircut, Nathan sprayed Grandma Becki's hair purple.  He was absolutely thrilled!


During ....

After- Isn't she beautiful?!

Becki likes lots of pictures with all the girls and our hair.

Becki with her boys

Kim took Becki's rabbits, Tumble and Abby, up to his sister's house who is so gracious to watch them during these hard months. Becki had to say goodbye to them that same day.

This day kind of sums up how Becki has been taking this journey.  She makes the most of a tough situation.  It could have been really hard to watch Becki lose her hair, but instead she made a party out of it, complete with purple hair dye!  She is always thinking of others and is really trying to make this easier for everyone.

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Leslie said...

Love the hair Becki. I think it looks awesome. Good luck with all of this I know you will give it one heck of a fight.