Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chemo: Round 1

Becki's red blood cells are so low that they have been giving her multiple blood transfusions to help get them up. Because of this they postponed the chemo from starting on November 3rd to November 5th. The first round of chemo, called depace, lasted for four days and was carried with her at all times in a little backpack. The four days ended on Sunday and to her utter excitement, she still has a full head of hair and has only thrown up once. We definitely planned on things being worse, so we are very grateful that her body has accepted this first round so well. It is supposedly a little less harsh then the other rounds of chemo she has to look forward to, but we are happy to report that beside her being extremely fatigued and a bit loopy she is doing well.

An example of Becki's loopiness:  the other day Becki asked Shellie to grab a paper and a pen to write some things down for her. Shellie did so and couldn't stop laughing when she realized that Becki wanted her to write down the subliminal messages that her chemo monitor (in the backpack) was sending to her.

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