Friday, November 21, 2008

The Harvest

Thursday morning when Becki went up to Huntsman for the usual labs and test, they discovered that her cells have gone up by 27 points. That is huge and awesome!! Because of this she was able to begin harvesting. It is a very time consuming process, but she was able to just sleep through most of it. They hook you up to the machine and let it try and collect as many cells as it can in 4 hours. They do this process day after day until 20 million cells are collected. It could take anywhere from 2-8 days. The average collection, and what they were hoping to be able to get from Becki, is 4 million. Becki being the champion that she is collected 11 million!!! This was such great news!

Becki spending some time with Emily and Brooke while waiting for lab results.

Look at all this stuff that was going in her. YIKES!

Check out this crazy machine. Wow, technology these days is just mind blowing.

Becki has been so strong and courageous through all this, but things have been definitely hard. It is so hard for her to not be able to see everyone and give hugs and loves. She naturally is having a hard time adjusting to the new hair-do and is suffering from some seperation anxiety. She likes to know that people will be around her all the time. All the drugs they have her on definitely don't help out either. We have been striving to have one of us be with her as much as we can and trying to make sure she knows how much she is loved and how beautiful we think she is, even with no hair! We are so grateful for how hard she is fighting and how brave she is! Thanks Mom! We love you!

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Dawn said...

You have an amazing family. I love to see you smiling in all the photos. Keep smiling and know you are in many prayers.
My best,
Dawn Dorius Hall