Friday, November 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Becki was such a good girl at the hospital that they let her come home Wednesday afternoon. (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that everytime a doctor or nurse walked in the room she asked, "Can I go home yet?") Her fever has stayed down and she is so excited to be back in her own bed and not eating hospital food. Even though she was able to come home, she still had to go back in Wednesday night to recieve another Newlasta shot. These are the shots that help stimulate the cells in the bone marrow and push them out into the blood stream so they can be harvested. The doctors were hoping to be able to start harvesting earlier this week, but Becki's body just hasn't been responding to these Newlasta shots as much as they would like.
On her way home from receiving the shot, Kim and Becki stopped by Grandma's house so that Brett and Ryan could assist Kim in giving Becki a blessing. (Brett, Jess & their boys live across the street from Brooke, Ryan and Becki's mother, Ruth) It was a quick stop, but Becki was able to receive a beautiful blessing and sneak a peek at her grandkids that she misses so much.
Since this whole process has began, Becki has told Brooke that as soon as she starts losing hair, she wants it shaved off as soon as possible. Well that day has come, so Brooke, Emily and Becki made a fun evening out of shaving her head.

This is what Emily found Becki doing earlier this evening. She used to vacuum her bunnies when they were shedding, so why not vacuum your own head when you start really shedding? She is such a hoot.

We are starting to think we should have all been dental hygienists or something. Scrubs and a mask are quite cute!

Here we go... let the fun begin.

It just wouldn't seem right if a mohawk wasn't involved.

She is so beautiful that she can even pull off the hardcore biker look.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! I never thought of you in a mohawk, but it looks so good on you!
It warms my heart to see you smiling and I send loving and healing thoughts every day!