Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Million Memories

We decided that we wanted our Mom to have solid evidence that no matter how crappy she felt, she could look around and see that her family is happy, righteous, and loves her. The idea was that we want to have a million wonderful things recorded for her. Shooting for the moon here?? I don't know, but it sure seems like a noble goal to reach for. As her spouse and children we all had plenty of years of memories, so we wrote down our favorite memories and thoughts about her and presented it to her on Mother's Day titled "A Million Memories". We have posted a sampling of these memories below:

I love how fun you are to tease. Rabbit stew anyone? -Jess Stevens (daughter in law)

I have a wonderful wife and I believe she has a lot of virtues that have been passed down from you. She emulates your passion to devote everything to your family. Your love for the Savior and the gospel has helped instill a strong testimony in Brooke. I accredit so much of what I love about Brooke to her mom. -Ryan Mattice (son in law)

Its delightful how extensively thorough you can be. Only you would number your make-up and their corresponding brushes. -Emily Stevens (daughter)

One thing that has meant a ton to me is that you always supported me in soccer and running and everything else. I know how boring it can be to sit in the cold and cheer. -Shellie Stevens (daughter)

I think your compulsive need to do everything in the fastest manner possible is hilarious, especially when it involves hot wax and leg hair. Only you would rip off ALL of my leg hairs in one fatal swoop and think that my labor-like screams were intensely amusing. -Emily Stevens (daughter)

I love the way you love your grandchildren. -Jess Stevens (daughter in law)

I remember when my stupid high school boyfriend and I broke up. I came home to a bouquet of flowers and a sweet note from you saying "to one of my life’s greatest treasures…I am sorry you are hurting but know always how much I love you ". It meant so much to me to know at that moment how much I was loved by my Mom. -Brooke Mattice (daughter)

I think it’s hilarious that you hoard watermelon like a criminal. -Emily Stevens (daughter)

I loved when we would lay on the tramp with furry blankets and you would show us the constellations and sing dumb songs with us. -Shellie Stevens (daughter)

I loved the way you comforted me as a child when I dropped and broke a glass bottle of chocolate chips on the stairs at Great Grandpa Strong’s house. -Brett Stevens (son)

I love the incredible "institute lessons" that you taught to me and my friends. We always remark on how we learned more about the gospel in those months than we have in years of church. You are so animated and full of light when you teach or even talk about the gospel. -Brooke Mattice (daughter)

I love the glow in your eyes as you tell us about tearing all the buttons off the shirt of the bully that was bothering you as a child. -Brett Stevens (son)

I think it’s so funny how you rearrange your bunnies’ furniture more than your own. -Joanne Miner (friend/surrogate daughter)

I LOVE how hilarious it is that you say “a---chOUCH” when you sneeze. -Emily Stevens (daughter)

What comes first? Well anybody that knows you would know that family comes first. Since I have joined the family I have witnessed first hand how someone can devote everything to the ones you love; thank you for your great example. -Ryan Mattice (son in law)

My hearts starts racing when I remember the time that you broke your back mountain biking and told me that you would be fine without an ambulance, because they are too expensive. -Brett Stevens (son)

I love that you are my Dr/Pharmacist. Every time I need anything medical related... you always have the answers. And I love the memories I have of being sick and getting to sleep with the sick blanket on your couch. I hated being sick, but I loved being able to sleep in your room! -Brooke Mattice (daughter)

I love when you point at a puddle and say “look” and then splash us. -Shellie Stevens (daughter)

I love that you always have your corner cabinet stocked with all my favorite sugar cereals, even when I am hardly ever there to eat them! -Jess Stevens (daughter in law)

Remember the time your knee got stuck in the deck railing in Park City and even though it hurt you were laughing and joking with everyone about it. I think you are the cutest and I love being around you. You always bring a smile to my face. -Monica Buchanan (SGC friend)

I absolutely LOVED the private institute classes you taught in the comfort of our own home. You made us countless pages of profound wisdom and "Becki found facts" for our scriptures - we couldn't get enough! You also so generously supplied us with colored pencils and cool pens so we could keep up with you.. (yea, right! "mrs. rebound my scriptures because I had so much added quotes and facts") Your love and passion for the gospel is incredibly inspiring. You were always so willing, with a contagious smile on your face, to share your knowledge, testimony, and light.. You made learning about the gospel unexpectedly exciting and inspired us with fortitude to stand and be faithful to the truth. It's been years now, but it was such a momentous time, that you deserve to know how much your tender, yet powerful spirit influenced my life. Thank you for your example, faith, and love - not only for those around you, but for our Savior. You are a strength to all those you come in contact with. Your ripple is beautiful and ever-reaching. I am so grateful to know you. Even now, as I pray for you and your family, the spirit immediately engulfs me and I know that He is with you. What a blessing.. Know you are loved and admired, Becki. Thanks for being you! love you -Kallie Oborn (friend of Brooke's)

Grandma and Grandpa Strong always had some kind of family gathering at their house. They had an old fashioned mailbox where the mail was dropped thru a slot and landed on the floor. Becki and I would pick grass, weeds, flowers, etc and shove them thru the mailbox. Needless to say, Grandma Strong was not very happy about that! -Jodi Mulvey (cousin)

A great memory I have of Becki is when we were sitting on the famous swing on G & G Strong's porch holding our newborn babies. We were talking about how scary it was to be a new mother and what the future would hold for our newborns. That was such an innocent time and it was a long time ago, way back in 1978. -Jodi Mulvey (cousin)

Another fun memory is when cousin Jeff took us for a ride in his car. We got hopelessly lost and had no idea where we were. It was a hoot trying to figure out how to get back to G & G Strong's house! -Jodi Mulvey (cousin)

Remember all the funs we had working at Dan’s Bakery, packaging bread, scooping ice cream and serving hot dogs. And how could we forget our trip to California after high school graduation. I laugh when I think about us eating cereal in the parking lot of the MGM Grand. Do you remember that? The drive to California was also an adventure for two young women who where not to savvy about California freeways. Such fun memories… -Vicki Rognon Jackman (childhood friend)

I would love to keep the list growing so we truly can reach a million memories, so please take a few moments and write down some of your favorites and email them to herheroicjourney@gmail.com. Make sure to leave your name and what relation you have to Becki. Here are some guidelines you can follow:

1. I [love/like/think-its-hilarious] that.....

2. Remember the time.....

Just be creative! Becki will love reading your thoughts and memories.

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