Thursday, November 6, 2008

Go Big or Go Home

After finding out all the news about Becki, our family decided to play as hard as we possible could throughout the upcoming summer. The more fun memories the better!

What a better way to start the summer than with the girls getting pedicures!

Becki enjoying her grandson, Tyler

Kim's parents lived right outside Moab for many years, so Moab has always been a place our family loves to visit. We once again have a great house to stay at, so we went down several times over the summer. We go hiking, biking, jeeping and swimming, and find lots of other fun things to do.

The family at a dinosaur archaeological dig

Becki examines dinosaur bones embedded in the rock wall

Swimming with grandson, Nathan

Fun in the pool

Does this woman look sick to you? She really knows how to show up her kids on the diving board!

Tyler, Becki and Emily at the park

Nathan and "Grandma Becki" eating Becki's favorite food at Pasta Jay's

Hiking in Moab

We also had the oppurtunity to stay at a cabin that Kim and his crew and recently remodeled.
Becki, Emily and Maya (our husky dog) decided to head up a night before the rest of us to get things set up and enjoy a little peace and quiet. They unloaded all of the food and gear inside, made a late dinner and then went out to get the dog settled. When they tried to get back inside they discovered that the door was locked and the cabin and car keys were inside. Emily's cell phone didn't have reception and they didn't know the area well enough at all to hike around looking for civilization. There were no windows unlocked and picking the lock with a paperclip and a nail just wasn't going to work. (Hollywood lies) Luckily, the rental car that they happened to have for the week was unlocked, but it had nothing in it. Normally Becki's car would be well equipped for these types of "emergencies". Needless to say, they spent the night in the rental car with the blanket that Maya had run through all the sticker bushes on the hillside. At dawn's first light they began walking and were so lucky to find a guy who happened to be heading down to Salt Lake that morning and was more than happy to take them and the dog.

It was a cold and uncomfortable night, but made for a funny start to a great weekend.

The cabin came equipped with four wheelers, bows and arrows, paintball gear, and tomahawks. We had a great time!

Who'd have known Becki was a natural with a tomahawk?  She was the first to get a bulls-eye!

That's right- there are 4 girls squeezed around the edge of a bathtub making our feet all soft and pretty.

Stevens General Contractors (Kim and Brett's business) had a weekend getaway for all of their employees in Park City one weekend in September. These "getaways" often times feel like family getaways with a few friends because half of the people there are family. It was a fun and beautiful fall weekend.

Becki takes on the Alpine Slide

Kim, Becki, Brooke and Ryan (daughter and son in law) riding the lift to the Alpine slide

Becki was on a phone call and didn't realize that she had stuck her leg through the railing. She couldn't get it out for the life of her, so Brett saved the day with a little dish soap!

If there's one thing we've all learned from this, it is how important our family is to each other.  It's so easy with the busy-ness of every day life to get caught up in our own lives and not even see each other for a few weeks!  But after this reality check on the fragile state of our lives, we really made an effort to spend more time together.  We had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories.  And hopefully even when this is all over, we won't take our family for granted again!  We are so grateful for the gospel and that we know that families are eternal.

Becki bowling at Brooke's birthday party

Becki enjoying time with Maya (dog) and Ty

Becki's grandsons LOVE when she takes them to feed the ducks

This is how we see our mom/wife/grandma:  Super Becki!

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Monica Buchanan said...

We love the annual SGC trips because we feel so comfortable and close with your family. It is fun to get to know you better and spend time with you. We love you.