Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally a break from all the clouds

Last Thursday when Becki went up to the doctor, they discovered her triple lumen port was infected. The doctors have tried antibiotics but with no results, so they took out her old port and had to replace it with a new one. This time they put it on the inside of her bicep on her arm. Becki said it was the weirdest feeling. From the port there is a 24 inch tube that runs up her arm, down her chest and to a major artery by her heart. I guess the first time they tried to insert the tube it curled up inside of her, so they had to take it out and do it again. Becki said it wasn't too painful but felt so weird. She thinks it is quite disgusting to know what is inside of her and quite frankly is sick of being poked and prodded at!
Beside the new port, there really isn't too much new info to report. She is feeling pretty good, but hates that she doesn't have the energy to do anything. Most of her days are still in bed trying to entertain herself somehow between all the sleeping. The next transplant is scheduled to hopefully be in the first week of March, but if she gets sick or anything that could be pushed back. One of the most difficult things right now is trying to stay positive about what is still to come. It is so great that she is starting to feel a little better, but so hard to know that she just has to go through it all again, and this time KNOWS how extremely terrible it is. We all assumed it would be ugly, but now we know just how ugly it gets. We are truly looking forward to when this next round of chemo and transplant are finished and she is on the mend for good. How nice it will be to have our fun, loving, and energetic Mom back (Becki is pretty excited too!) In the meantime, we are once again enjoying her current health and trying to spend as much time as possible together as a family.
We will keep posting on this blog as usual with any new updates or news. Thanks again for all your love and support.


Vicki Jackman said...

Becki, you are truly an inspiration to so many people. I am proud of you, your beautiful smile shines through no matter how you are feeling.

Stapes said...

Mamma Stevens!
You are so awesome! I'm so sorry you've had to do this. I'm glad you get to spend some time with your family! You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Katie Stapleton

Fauset Photography said...

Thinking of all of you!!! My thoughts are prayers are with you all. Thanks Brooke for the link!

Angela Strong said...

I am so grateful to have this site so I can know what is going on with you. You look wonderful with or without hair. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. My sweet friend Jenn was at Huntsman learning about wigs the same night you were....two of my favorite people together. I love you darling and look forward to seeing you well and healthy!!

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

Becki! I am so glad I found your blog. I think about you so often! Our family has little kids and we are so germy that we have to stay away. Just know we love you so much! We have good news for our family-we are expecting our first boy! Love you so much! xoxo