Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Becki!

Tuesday morning Becki, Kim, and their good friends Mike and Lanae Maughn were given a private tour/open house of the Draper Temple before they open it up to the public. She felt like quite the VIP. It was a perfect start to her birthday, but still wore her out a lot. The rest of the afternoon she slept a lot, relaxed, and had many birthday calls and visitors. In the evening, most of the family came over for the first time in months. Nathan was so excited that when he was asked earlier in the day what he was doing that evening, he replied, " I am going to Grandma Becki's birthday party AND I even get to go inside!" Becki was just as excited to see her grandkids and the rest of the family. We didn't want to wear her out too much though, so towards the end of the evening we popped some of our favorite popcorn from our childhood and watched Finding Nemo. You tell me what gets much better than that!! We then sang happy birthday and had some cake. The funny part was Becki didn't want to blow out the candles cause she has a contagious virus in her mouth. Nathan was sitting right by her side and of course he wanted to blow them out, which we definitely didn't need a 4 year old's germs all over the cake either. So we waved and clapped our hands above the cake until all the candles were out. Nathan thought it was great fun!

Becki with her favorite buddy, Nathan!
Waving out the candles

Grandpa Kim playing with his boys.

Tyler, Kim & Becki

Well we all had a fabulous time spending the evening with Becki for her birthday and are so grateful she was healthy enough to be able to do so. We hope you had a wonderful birthday Mom.
We love you!

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Elaine Call said...

Happy birthday, Becki! Even though your hair is gone (for now), your bright smile still lights up the room!

Elaine Call