Thursday, February 12, 2009

No news is good news!

I know it has been a while since the last post, but we haven't had too many updates to give. (which is a good thing most of the time) There are a few things though, some real positive things and a few negative things.

The Positive:
-Everyday Becki is feeling a little better than the previous day.
-Although food still tastes metallic and nasty most of the time, Becki is doing a better job at keeping it down.
-We have been able to get together with the family. Wahoo! And not even have to wear masks!
-Emily always says you can tell she is feeling better when she starts trying to reorganize all the meds and everything in her room. (for those of you who truly know Becki, she lives for a clean and organized...... life)
- Her labs are looking really good.

A few negatives:
-Food still doesn't taste very good.
-Because she can't eat much, and not much has stayed down anyway, she has lost a lot of weight.
-Tyler came down with roseola and even though he is feeling all better the doctors said the boys can't be around Becki for 2 weeks. (she was really bummed about that)
-Last week when Becki met with the Dr, he said they could wait as long as 3 months to start the next treatment. She has lost too much weight and until she gains at least 10 pounds they will hold off for a bit. Becki really wants to get this all over with, so this was not good news at all.

Overall, we are all so excited to see some life back in our Mom's eyes. She has been so strong, upbeat, happy, and excited to spend some time with her family. We are trying to take advantage of these times and enjoy her health. The Lord is keeping a close eye on Becki, and we are filled with so much gratitude to have the gospel and it's light in our lives. Hopefully each day will continue to bring more sunshine!


Mary said...

Becki, I am glad you are able to visit with and enjoy your family right now. You are in our thoughts and prayers - Hopefully you can put 10 pounds on soon so you can get through the next part of your treatment. We love you and miss seeing you.

Jess and Broadie said...

We love you Becky and we love your strength, keep being strong, you have have an amazing family!!