Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 whopping pounds!

Who would ever want to think about, pray for, and really want someone to gain weight? It seems like a really odd request. No, its not your everyday hopes and wishes, but when Becki met with the doctors last she had gained 3 pounds!! This is great news! We are all stoked and hope that the rest she needs to gain will happen quickly so we can get this next blasted treatment over with. Thanks to all of you who have been thinking "fattening" thoughts. It clearly worked.


Robyne Tueller said...

Congratulations on the weight gain!!! I wish I could give you some of my unwanted pounds!
Leah Jane and I tried to see you yesterday. We had gone to the temple and so wanted to visit with you. We will try again soon and will call first. Keep up the good work! We are cherring for you!!Love, Robyne

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

That is so great! Keep it up!

Jan said...

Go girl. Keep up the good work.Love you a ton Jan Horrocks