Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Friday I will begin to receive 4 days of an I.V. chemo and Tuesday the bone marrow transplant. I am ready! Kim, Brett and Ryan gave me a blessing, I feel great and I am mentally stoked. Spiritually, mentally and physically - I think that covers it! After a few months (depending on how quickly I heal) I will have another 4 days of chemo, and then it is just maintanance drugs!! By Fall I should be where I am now, but with no cancer cells (at least thats the idea!)
This second time around is so different than the first. With the first transplant, I began chemo the first of November and I didn't receive the transplant until December 19th. So this second round is hard and fast. I will be neutropenic (no immune system) almost immediately, and therefore quaranteened until my white blood cells can get on their feet again. By the next time you see me, I should actually have hair growing again!! (Just a little sidenote: I have had long hair my entire life. This short hair is a piece of cake. A little baby shampoo, dry it with a towel and wa-la, you are beautiful. I think we should start a fashion statement here in Draper. We would each have an extra hour a day! )
I know this has been a long process, but I ask again for your faith and prayers. And please, not just for me but for Kim and my caretaker daughters and sisters. Apparently, I am a tough cookie to take care of. I just can't imagine me being difficult!
Once again I want to make sure that everyone who reads this will know that I have an absolute testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that because of the atonement, my Savior has experienced everything I am going through. I feel His love and peace. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for my life, and the desire of my heart is to fulfill that plan. His timetable might be different than mine, but I have tunnel vision while He sees the BIG picture. I know that my family is forever because of sacred covenants made in the Temple of our God. Kim, Brett, Jess, Nate, Ty, Ryan, Brooke, Emily, Shellie, Jacob and the rest of my wonderful family - I love you soooo much. I realize more than ever how important each one of you are. What would I do without you?


Frieda said...

Good luck, Becki! You and your family are definitely in our daily thoughts and prayers. Remember, YOU are not hard to take care of, it's the disease that's difficult!

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony! It is so hard to be a good patient with crazy chemicals in your body. Apparently, when I had my spinal fusion surgery I yelled at my mom a lot. Luckily our family can love us at our best and worst. You will be continually in my heart and prayers! xo

The Salmons said...

My prayers are constantly with you, You have strengthened my testimony so many times. Thanks again for sharing your testimony and lifting me up. I think being a little difficult to take care of is good pay back for all the care and love you gave raising teens! Love you and are praying for you!

Angela Strong said...

You are never far from my daily thoughts. You are a wonderful woman and friend and I will continue to pray so fervently for you and for your health and strength to be resumed. Much love to you darling!!

An Unfamiliar Path said...

Kim and Becki, we wish you the best of luck over the next while. Our prayers will be for you and your family. Continue fighting!
Mike and Sarah Robinson

kellyguymon said...

God bless you Becki