Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She's home!

Becki came home yesterday afternoon and is SO excited to be home and in her own bed.
They weren't going to let her come home quite yet, but after Emily had a very large and persuasive tempertantrum with the doctor, they let her go. She is doing great. She even walked all the way out to the car! There will still be daily trips up to the clinic for labs, IVs and such, but over all she is doing excellent. Just today while up at the clinic, a doctor mentioned how well she was doing. Becki's response was, "Great, can I go to Moab yet?" He just laughed and told her she at least needs to be able to swallow food. We are so thrilled at how well she is doing. Keep up the good fight Mom. We love you!


Frieda said...

Hooray! Congratulations on being home!

Stapletons said...

Good job being assertive Emily!

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

I love Moab too! It is my favorite place to camp. I can't believe you love it after that crazy bicycle accident you survived!!! Good thing you are such a survivor! Glad you are home-hang in there!

travisandjamie said...


It is about time I write you a little love letter. I have been following your blog for some time now, but realize that is not good enough. I have also been praying for you at night and putting your name on the prayer role, but I realized that is not good enough. A wise man once told me whenever you think you are doing enough, remember you can always do a bit more. So I will figure out a time and come visit now that you are home - Wha-hoo! thanks for being such an inspiration to us all - love you
Jamie Morgan "Ault"