Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun in the sun

This past week Becki has been trying to get out and enjoy some things she hasn't been able to do too much of before she gets real sick again. She was able to go do a temple session with Emily and then after one of her dr appointment, Shellie and Brooke took her to Temple Square to see all the beautiful flowers.

Then on Mother's Day we had a nice dinner outside and enjoyed the sunshine. (She just started the chemo on Friday, but we didn't know how soon she would get neutrapenic, so we are staying outside to avoid any germs in the house) Becki really wanted a nice lounge chair for Mother's Day so she could enjoy the sunshine and yard during this next treatment. She is such a sunshine girl! Check out her new chair-

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Elaine said...

Your amazing smile is an inspiration! Love the "head art"! We do think of you often, and continue to pray for you. It was so good to see you back at conference before this latest transplant. Now I look forward to when you can come back out and get real hugs!!

Elaine C.