Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Howdy Partner

The first weekend in March the whole family ventured down to Pleasant Grove where Emily plays Miss Andie in an Old West dinner show. Now of course you can't go to an Old West show without looking the part, so we all rounded up some western gear and had a great time. The band Steel and Thunder played the entire time and Emily's roommate/best friend plays in that band. The music was awesome, the food delicious, and Emily and her crew members did a great job. Nathan probably had the best time of all. He became Emily's little deputy and pretty much stood by her side the entire time. He even got to go back stage.

Steel 'n Thunder

Miss Ruby and Miss Andie (Emily)

Emily's solo performance of "You can't get a guy with a gun"

The whole rootin' tootin' crew


The Salmons said...

Becki, I was so excited to see the pictures of your outing and know that you are feeling better. I keep trying to send some lbs. your way but they are leaving me as slowly as you are putting weight on. I am excited that you will get to vacation with family! YEA!!!!!!
Love, Lois

gotta go girl said...

Becki, you are always on our minds, in our prayers and in our hearts! We are so happy you are able to spend some valuable time with family. It means so much! Love, the Rogers family - Jim, Natalie and kids.

Tiffany G said...

So good to see you out enjoying your family! Kim came by the other day, it was good to see him. We miss you guys in the ward!

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

I am so glad you got to get out and have a little entertainment! Thanks for the darling card! Throw a rock over the canal if you need anything! I am getting ginormous pregnant and am always home!!! xo