Monday, December 15, 2008

Yes, a posting from Becki, imagine that. That means that at the moment I am lucid, a rare event.

The other night I looked out my window and look what I saw!!

My sweet neighbors put this up outside my bedroom window to help me focus on the wonderful things around me. (I can see it without even getting out of bed).

My neighbors Timmy, Taylor, Jayden and Chris Feroah.

This is me, attempting escape from my isolated bedroom. I accept window guests from 12-2 Monday thru Thursday and all day Saturdays (kidding, kidding--germ guardian, Gestapo Emily stands watch at all hours)!

A big thank you for all of your love and caring.


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Mary said...

Becki, it is so nice to hear from YOU! - What great neighbors - you are truly loved by many!