Monday, December 22, 2008

The Transplant

As Becki mentioned below, she had her first transplant last Friday. The transplant itself consists of about three hours of an IV alternating between the stem cells and some saline for hydration. As far as we could tell, things went well. They say that between about Wednesday through Sunday of this week will be the worst days. Frankly, she is already feeling lousy so this is going to be a really tough week. (especially with it being Christmas and all) Kim and Emily have the house on lock down so nobody is coming in and they aren't going out much during this next week. Becki's immune system will be at its lowest point and we can't risk her catching any bugs or getting an infection. They say that 80% of patients end up back in the hospital, so we are trying REALLY hard to make sure that doesn't happen!!

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Mary said...

Good luck Becki - I hope all is going as well as possible. I'm sure Emily and Kim are taking great care of you. Merry Christmas