Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life is Great!

On May 8th it will be one year since my second transplant!! After the pulmonary emboli mess in January, I was taken off of all of the maintenance chemo drugs. Without those poisons in my body I have been getting stronger and healthier every day. Don’t misunderstand, I know that the chemo and transplants were necessary for my survival and they did their job, but I think I have had enough. Yesterday, I was at the clinic getting an I.V. to help strengthen my bones and a gentleman sitting next to me was doing the same thing. His second transplant was May 26th. He is on the maintenance protocol of two years of low dose chemo that I was on as well. He looked horrible – frail, weak, feels lousy all of the time… I was shocked at how much I have improved in the 2 ½ months since stopping the drugs. As soon as I was off of everything I began a serious supplement blitz to restore my empty system. When I was where he is, my doctor was highly opposed to supplementing because they believe it also feeds the cancer. It was absolute confirmation to me that I am on the right track. I have also been reading a book about nutrition and cancer and the author emphasized over and over that before beginning chemo or radiation to be prepared nutritionally through supplements and diet. After my Summer in Mexico of innocently doing just that, I was angry that by Fall I had gone from 12% cancer saturation to 80%. I thought that I had wasted my time, even though I had believed at the time that Heavenly Father had led me that direction. Now I realize that indeed He had, to prepare my physical body for what was coming. When I was diagnosed with this cancer I had never even heard of it. It’s amazing that since that diagnosis I am constantly hearing about people who have it and their experiences. Many, many are unable to even get through the first transplant and die. I believe I would have been one of them. I have had so many experiences in my life where understanding comes down the road and I realize again and again how much we are each loved by our Eternal Father. He is watching over us. That doesn’t mean that if I had died or do die that He doesn’t love me. It’s that big picture thing that we all get so hung up on. We are in His hands. Our only objective in this earthly experience is to be the best disciples we can possibly be.

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Frieda said...

It's so good to hear from you! I truly believe our experiences make us stronger and able to be in positions to help others. Yours is no exception ~