Thursday, July 23, 2009

The latest

Hi all you wonderful friends, ward members and family,

It has been a long 9 months, but I am finally able to build back up my strength without knocking it down again. I have completed two bone marrow transplants and all the chemo that goes with it. There is one more round of chemo, called consolidation, that they want me to do, but I have decided that I have had enough. I am moving into maintenance, which is Dexamethesone (a steroid) and Velcade (a chemo drug) every 4 out of 14 days for the next year.

This week has been a week of tests. Monday I had another bone marrow aspiration and I still squirm to find a spot to sit that doesn't hurt! (They remove 5 tablespoons of marrow and a piece of bone.) I also had an MRI and lab work. Today is a PET scan, and an echo cardiogram. The purpose of these tests are to see how well the 2nd transplant did. My appointment with my doctor is next Tuesday, so by then I should have all the information we need.

Every day I am feeling stronger and healthier! It is thanks to your prayers that I have made it this far. I am trying not to be too impatient. With my first transplant, it took me 4 months before I didn’t feel like passing out every 10 steps. It has only been 7 weeks since my second transplant, so I know I have at least 2 more months. The best news is I am finally getting a little hair. It’s taking its sweet time, but if I use a magnifying glass I can see it!!! I also have a healthier immune system, so if you are not sick or haven’t been exposed to swine flu, come see me!!!

Love, Becki


Frieda said... has been quite a journey, hasn't it? I am sure you are done with being poked and prodded for awhile! I'm glad to hear that you are doing better this time around and that your immune system is a little stronger. When I come and see you, is it okay if I bring bread...ahem, I mean Brad?

emily said...

Thank the Lord, Hallelujah!!!

Jessica said...

We are home and seem to be healthy (for the moment anyway) and can't wait to come see you! Nate has something to bring you from the beach!

Jennifer and Jason Young said...
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Jennifer and Jason Young said...

Thank you for your incredible courage. Your doing this hard thing truly inspires me and I can only imagine all the people you will continue to inspire. I just love you. Keep up the hard work and making it through each day

donnanicholson said...

Becki, I am so glad you are on the mend. Love, Donna

Stapletons said...

Good to hear an update! Glad you are on the mend, and able to look forward to feeling even better in a couple of months.

Jan said...

I agree with every one you are truely an inspiration of love and courage. I cant wait to see you.
We love you and your family. Its also been fun to see the family rally in your behalf. Youve done a great job mom. Jan H

Petal said...

Becki and family, You are always in our thoughts and prayers. We miss seeing you and are very grateful that you are doing better this time around. A day doesn't go by that our 4 year old Gabe prays for you. Wishing you continued health and love.

Rosemary and boys