Monday, April 6, 2009

The latest from Becki

Hi Everyone,
It's been a long 4 month wait, but we are now ready to continue with the second transplant. This week I will have a PET scan, a MRI, a pulminary test, a echo cardiogram and my favorite, another bone marrow biopsy! If all of the tests come back relatively similar to the baseline tests, then I will begin chemo on April 17th. I will be neutropenic almost immediately, so I will have to be completely isolated again. I know it has been a long process, and I have asked so much of you, but please keep me in your prayers. I am really nervous this time around because I know exactly what to expect. I always thought knowledge was power, but in this case I would rather be ignorant.
Today I went up to Layton to see my bunnies. I have missed them so much. Kim's sister Cheryl is caring for them and they are very loved. Then we spent the afternoon with extended family. I still have to wear a mask, but it is so great to hug. I've never been a very huggy person, but let me tell you, that is going to change. After 3 months of isolation I am starved for hugs! Another thing you will never hear me complain about again is my weight. Everyone needs a buffer of fat!! It pads your bones, gives you a buffer during sickness and looks healthy! Those of you who are 40 and under can fight to maintain the anorexic look, as for those of us over 40, ENJOY FOOD! It has taken me 3 1/2 months to be able to eat just a handful of different foods. Food is a very enjoyable part of life. I dream of the day I can eat pizza, chocolate, and bread again without getting sick.
Thanks for letting me rant! I also wanted to thank all of you who have brought meals in. I am awed at the kindness and generosity of my ward(s). Some of you I haven't even met yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My poor husband would starve if it weren't for you.

Love, Becki


Frieda said...

Hi Becki! I sometimes look back on my youthful days of "blissful ignorance!" Hope all goes well with you this time've given all of us over 40 sage advice...we take too much for granted! Tell me what foods DON'T make you sick, and I'll bring over some! (I mean it, TELL ME!)

Robyne Tueller said...

It must make you happy knowing your bunnies are doing well.
I love the part about the hugs. I will remember that I should give them away freely!
Please take good care of yourself. I would love to help in any way! Do you need rides to the hospital?
Sunday at church Alyssa Robinson came back to church with her mommy. She has had quite an ordeal as well. She is so cute and looked wonderful! We will continue to pray for you until you are back at church with us. Miss you! Love, Robyne

Elaine said...

Love the hair! If we could all have hair cuts like that, enjoy food and give hugs life would be so much easier and more rewarding! I think of you all the time and pray things will go well with this new round of treatments. Gene and I have started working at the Draper temple and I keep your name on the prayer roll.
P.S. Tell Frieda to bring you some of her cinnamon rolls--yummmm!

Jan said...

What a wonderful inspiration you are. We all need your fortitude.We share with you your love and prayers for an easier time this time. I wish we could share some of your pain. We miss your hugs too. Jan